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About the Sessions


Be mindful that the amount of images in "pricing" is only the minumum you will recieve and most sessions will far exceed that. I put no limit on the amount of images that I shoot, or the amount of images that you will recieve.



Brittany is based in Riverton NJ and she travels world wide. Pictures can be taken in Brittany's home studio, any outside location, or in the comfort of your own home. A traveling fee may be applied to session depending on the location.


Gift Certificates

A gift certicate can be made out for any dollar amount. Gift Certificates will be mailed out once payment is received. Please email BrittanyLeePhotography@gmail for any questions or to purchase a gift certificate.


Maternity Shoots

Book your maternity shoot when you find out you are pregnant as dates do fill up quickly. Plan your maternity shoot for when you are between 7-8 months pregnant. You want to plan for that window of time where your belly is nice and rounded. You want your belly to be clearly showing but you still want to feel comfortable during the session. Any earlier, the belly may not be prominent enough and any later you run the risk of delivering early. Each and every woman is different though, so listen to your body.


Infant Shoots

The best time to photograph a newborn is within the first 2 weeks after birth, preferably within the first couple of days. After a certain time period it becomes harder to pose them in unique ways and they will not get that peaceful sleeping look. It is important to book your session at least 4-5 months before your due date to insure a date that works for you. Obviously every baby does not come on time, Infant sessions do get priority (if shoot is already booked in advance) as the window of opportunity to shoot them is limited, but it is important to set a tentative date so that I can keep a few days open during that week to fit in the shoot. It is important that the baby is well fed and sleepy. Extra time is allowed for an infant shoot with no extra charge, as feedings and diaper changes may be necessary. Infant shoots are best taken with no clothes on. Most newborn clothes do not fit them well and they end up being lost in the little clothes. If you do have a special outfit you would like them shot in, please feel free to bring it with you. Infant shoots can last anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the infant. I supply all props for the shoot, but you are welcome to include any items you may want to.


Baby Shoots

If a baby is around 1 to 6 months old schedule the shoot around their sleeping and eating time.


Birthday Shoots

For all birthday shoots I suggest bringing ballons! A free cash smash session can be added to any brithday shoot! Cake must be supplied by client, bring lots of baby wipes! (PERFECT for 1st Birthday Shoots!)